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DUD Shisha Electronic Cigarette – Purple E-Cig


Grab your amazing DUD Shisha electronic cigarette today. It comes in a vibrant purple colour and will revolutionise the way you smoke forever.

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This DUD Shisha electronic cigarette model is one of the very latest DUD Shisha models to have hit the market. It is capable of revolutionising your smoking experience. Say goodbye the hassle of rolling, and hello to an easy to use e-cig.

This compact device packs a lot of power. It has an atomizer tank, silicone cover for the mouth piece and a rechargeable battery. It’s incredibly simple to use and takes next to no time to assemble. Use your e-liquid bottle to fill the atomizer, attach the battery and tap the button three times to let the device know it’s ready to use. Bring the device to your lips, push the button and enjoy the experience.

The purple pen is compact and easy to carry with you. No more bags and boxes for rolling that need to be carried with you! Vaping is also much better for your lung health than smoking. You’ll also love the brilliant range of different flavours available to you when you vape.

If purple isn’t your colour, the DUD Shisha electronic cigarette also comes in a red pen too.

Order your fantastic DUD Shisha e-cig today. One drag and the way you smoke will be changed forever.

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